2 Police Officers Charged In Vicky Boodram Escape

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Two Police Officers have been charged with misbehaviour in public office, stemming from the escape and subsequent recapture of Vicki Boodram from prison.

Constables LeVon Sylvester and Lisa Navarro have been jointly charged with misbehavior with in public office and with dishonesty, along with Boodram after they fraudulently aided her in her escape.

Boodram, who was remanded in the lawful custody of the state, escaped custody from the Golden Grove Women’s prison on November 27, after she was taken from the prison by the Officers, who stated she was headed for night court.

Roxanne Cudjoe has also been charged with harboring of a prisoner, after Boodram was found in her company at a house in Penal.

The 4 appeared before magistrate Maria Busby Earle-Caddle. The Police Officers have each been granted bail in the sum of $300,000

Boodram who had a bandage on her left wrist was denied bail.

Cudjoe was remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear before the Siparia Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Boodram, Sylvester and Navarro are scheduled to appear before an Arima Magistrate next Wednesday.

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