Cops Suspect Murder Suicide As Man Crashed Into Truck

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A 73 year old man crashed his car head on into a truck owned by the Junior Sammy Company on the Naparima Mayaro Road at Union Village in Mayaro, shortly after he allegedly chopped a 46 year old woman to death.

Cops believe Andrew Vasquez may have committed suicide because there were no brake impressions on the road.

Officers went to the home of 46-year-old Toolie Ramdeen also known as “Tara” of Bristol Village, Mayaro and reportedly found her body under a shed. The woman’s throat appeared to have been slit.

Sources say around 1:15 pm, police and fire officers responded to a report of a road traffic accident in Mayaro involving a motor vehicle and a truck. Eye witnesses said he swerved in front of the truck which was traveling in the opposite direction.

Vasquez is reported to have allegedly had earlier murdered Toolie “Tara” Ramdeen, in front of a three year old old and a baby at her home in Bristol Village, Mayaro around 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon.

Fire Officers removed Vasquez from the vehicle but he later died at the Mayaro District Hospital.

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