Irate Citizen Blasts Businessman Blocking Public Roadway

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The Petty Room

If you’ve ever been to El Socorro Road in San Juan, you would have noticed the congestion on the roadway near a certain business place.

Cars are forced to drive on the pavement and pedestrians are relegated to walking in the road.

All of this as a result of delivery trucks offloading goods at the place of business, taking up a good portion of the pavement and parts of the roadway for a lengthy period of time.

Well, one fed up citizen has taken to the streets to show his displeasure after he confronted the owner of the business place whom he calls ‘Prim.’

Camera in hand, Jonathon Bobb took to Geelal’s on El Socorro Road, San Juan where he highlighted the problems faced by citizens using both the roadway and pavement near the business place.

Watch what happens when he confronts the owner!



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