MSNBC Correspondent Names T&T Among Terrorist Countries Trump Should Ban

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The Petty Room

MSNBC correspondent Malcolm Nance, named Trinidad and Tobago among countries that he thinks Donald Trump should ban from entering the US.

Speaking to Joy-Ann Reid during the MSNBC show, Nance slammed a recent order from US President Donald Trump which barred travellers from six countries (Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia)​ from entering the US.

Describing the ban as nonsensical Nance said “I can’t make sense of any of this. This is just playing into the hands of ISIS.”

“We haven’t banned “terrorists” from Brazil… Trinidad or the Bahamas who have more terrorist members than any of those… countries” he said.

“You are punishing people who have nothing to do with terrorism, and you are now arming the terrorists with all the propaganda they need to show that the US is a country of racists and doesn’t care about Muslims.”

US citizens with dual citizenship from these countries have been included in this ban.

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