President Of The Registered Nurses Association: “Nurse Have To Be Aware Of Their Conduct”

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Recently we highlighted a complaint by a woman named Marsha Ali, who blasted Nurses at the San Fernando General Hospital for sleeping on the job and for their inhospitable behaviour.

Ms Ali posted a photo of two nurse who appeared to be sleeping behind their desks and described them as both being inattentive to her needs. Ms Ali had just had post natal care at the hospital.

Read that story here.

Now the President of the T&T Registered Nurses Association (TTRNA), Gwendolyn Loobie-Snaggs who became aware of the complaint, says nurses need to be aware of their conduct towards the public when taking their break period during duty at the nation’s hospitals.

Loobie-Snaggs made the comment in the wake of a photograph posted on social media in which two nurses are seen sleeping while a patient, Marsha Ali complained of having post-natal pains having just had a C-Section.

She complained of spending the night in pain without any assistance from the nursing staff at the San Fernando General Hospital.

“Our hardworking nurses at the San Fernando General Hospital. These nurses supposed to be taking care of women who just had C-section. I was in so much pain. “As I was coughing and feeling how my cut was bleeding I cry that whole night in pain. All the other nurses was very nice just these two.”

Loobie-Snaggs said she did not see the photograph but it was not practicable of nurses to sleep during their shift. She however noted that because of their ten hour long work schedule at night, they are allowed a break.

“When you get a break you can go in the doctor’s room but can’t go in a deep sleep where you can’t hear the patients calling. You can sit on your desk and put down your head,” she said. She said the nurses needed remedial classes or to be more educated.

“Nurses have to be aware of their conduct. Patients can take pictures with their cellphones. You can’t tell patients not to use their phones.”

“They need to reform their attitude in dealing with the public. They need to take a look at it,” she added.

When contacted Health Minister Terence Deyalsingh declined comment, saying there were heads of departments who should comment on issues like that.

Attempts to contact CEO Anil Gosine and Alexander Sinanan, chairman of the South-West Regional Health Authority, proved futile.


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