Russian Ambassador Executed By Turkish Gunman In Ankara Art Gallery

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The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot dead by a police officer who shouted “Don’t forget Aleppo” as he pulled the trigger.

The chilling attack on Monday evening, which was captured on video, appeared to be a retaliation for the Russian military involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Andrei Karlov was attacked at the opening of an art exhibition in Ankara, by a man believed to be an off-duty Turkish police officer. Karlov was just several minutes into a speech when he was shot in the back.

Footage of the attack showed a man dressed in a suit and tie standing calmly behind the ambassador. He then pulled out a gun, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and fired at least eight shots.

After shooting the ambassador, the man shouted in Turkish: “Don’t forget Aleppo. Don’t forget Syria. Unless our towns are secure, you won’t enjoy security. Only death can take me from here. Everyone who is involved in this suffering will pay a price.”

He also shouted in Arabic: “We are the one who pledged allegiance to Muhammad, to wage jihad.”

Russia’s foreign ministry confirmed that Karlov died at the scene and described the attack as an “act of terrorism”.

Turkish special forces surrounded the gallery and killed the attacker. Photographs from the aftermath of the attack appeared to show him lying dead on the floor. Three other people were wounded.

The Turkish interior ministry identified the attacker as Mevlut Mert Altıntas, an officer in Ankara’s riot police squad, who was born in 1994 in Aydin and graduated from Izmir police academy.He had shown his showed a police ID to enter the gallery.

Turkish special forces surrounded the gallery and killed the attacker.

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