Supt Phillips Speaks Out On Accusation Of Endangering Pregnant Woman’s Health On Priority Bus Route

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Superintendent Phillips of the Transit Police has spoken out on the backlash he received when a pregnant woman who was caught on the priority bus route with her husband during a Police exercise, was allegedly given a ticket whilst in labour and made to go into a 2 hour traffic.

Arlene Laban-Ammon, 36, of Arima, says she went into labour last Monday so her husband Donny decided to use the bus route where they were stopped in a road block by Police on the way to the St Augustine Private Hospital.

Despite informing the officer that his wife was in labour and they were rushing to the hospital, the officer instructed another female officer to issue them a $2,000 ticket.

Not so says Supt Phillips. Phillips called into the Beyond The Tape tv show and told his side of the story.

“The pregnant lady alighted from the vehicle approached WPC John to find out from her when the ticket was going to be ready. I subsequently learned from WPC John because I didn’t really hear the conversation that she said go back to your vehicle you will get your ticket in a little bit. She walked back, I saw her walk back, not in any pain. She didn’t appear to be in any pain, and she went and she took up her position in the left front of the vehicle. Two minutes later, they’re saying 35 minutes, they must have spent about 15 minutes for the most.”

Marlon: “Not once did the lady look to be in distress and not once did she say to the Police I am in labour.”

“No Sir she said nothing, she said nothing. There are times people come down there, and yes there would be genuine cases they would be in the back seat I look in and I tell them go ahead. If need be the motor cyclist would give them an escort. People come down with children who were injured in an accident at home, we allow them to move.”

Inspector Alexander: “Has anbody from the media before that story was printed contacted you to get your side of the story.”

Supt Phillips: “No Sir, no Sir. Nobody contacted me. But all kinds of actions are being taken against the young Officers because I gave them instructions. That is what’s happening at the Transit Police right now.”

The full interview below!

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