Woman Uses Social Media To Threaten Rowley

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The Petty Room

A woman has taken to social media to issue a threat to Rowley!

Patricia Saunders took to social media on December 7 where she posted the following disturbing message on a Facebook group named The TV6 News.

“I will spit in Rowley face any day I see him”

Horrified citizens then began to question her sanity and even warned her that she could go to jail for threatening the Prime Minister to which she replied.

“Vicky go help me escape. Rowley have no respect y must I respect him hell no.”

When asked why she would issue such a threat she replied with “Cause I want to.”

She continued to taunt others who defended the Prime Minister.

“Alyuh don’t know who alyuh dealing with. If alyuh have ah problem with it go an find Rowley an tell him. Hymc cause alyuh use to blame Kamala for everything too.”

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